Magic Baduk Go

[ Baduk(Go) Problems Solved ]
- This program enhances baduk players’ ability to read ahead by solving problems that are essential for improving players’ baduk style and skillfulness, including life and death problems (tsumego), tesuji (clever moves or gambits), and myoshu (brilliant moves).

[ Level-appropriate problem solving ]
- The program provides problem-solving based on the individual player’s skill level, categorized into four grades: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and expert ranked players.

[ Vast quantity of problems ]
- Carefully selected problems ranging from basic life and death to advanced life and death, along with classic problems drawn from Hyeonhyeon gigyeong (玄玄棋經 / Gateway to All Marvels), Gwan ja bo (官子譜), and Gigyeong jungmyo (碁經衆妙).

[ Composition of problems ]
- 300 beginning-level life and death problems
- 300 intermediate-level life and death problems
- 300 advanced-level life and death problems
- 250 expert-level life and death (tsumego) problems for ranked players
- 300 tesuji (clever moves or gambits) problems
- A total of 1,450 problems in all

[ Provides a variety of features ]
- Review feature for problem analysis that functions as if you are actually placing stones on the board
- Response feature for enhanced ability to read ahead, providing responses even to incorrect answers in standardized sequences of moves
- List feature for selecting and solving problems either sequentially or randomly
- Feature for displaying correct answers
- Easy-to-use user interface

[ Idiosyncrasies ]
- Designed to present problems randomly as each stage is chosen, thus making it possible that the same problem could be presented twice consecutively.
- If a player wishes to work on problems sequentially, a list of problems from which to choose enables this feature.
- Life and death (tsumego) problems are divided into graded levels: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and expert ranked player. However, problems of tesuji (clever moves or gambits) are combined in a single uncategorized menu.
- Problems can be re-worked if the player has checked for the correct answer or if the player clicks the Review button after getting the correct answer. 
- Due to the nature of baduk, other sequences could also result in correct answers

[ Enhancing baduk style and skillfulness ]
- The most important thing in improving baduk style and skillfulness is to cultivate the ability to read moves.
- Try to work out problems all the way to the end, without checking for the correct answer prematurely

[ About the developers ]
- Advanced amateur level 6 dan, certified by the Korea Baduk Association
- Professional programmer